Montgomery Wood Creations

If you have been following my blog at all this past year, you have seen a few peeks into our new life here in Western New York. Most weekends are spent just surviving. A two and a four year old means we are going constantly. Trust me we LOVE it. We love it so much in fact, whenever we have a chance to relax Fred and I manage to find new things to dabble in. You can ask Fred about it, but outside of the garden, decorating our house has definitely become a passion of mine.

Let’s get real here, all those hours of HGTV can’t go to waste. I have an extensive knowledge of interior design. Right?! Probably not, but moving to a house from our tiny condo in the city has surely given me the opportunity to have a little fun. One of the big rooms we tackled was the dining room. I picked it first for the best reason. The bar height table we had in our condo, the kids kept falling off the stools. Apparently, Tommy is just too reckless to sit that high up. So we decided a new table should be a priority before he breaks a limb. Ha!

That is how I found Montgomery Wood Creations. Bonus, I’ve been looking for local businesses of Western New York to feature on my blog. So this is the official first blog doing just that.

Montgomery Wood CreationsMontgomery Wood Creations

I met with Brandon of Montgomery Wood Creation on a weekday in July. We met at a Starbucks in Webster, NY. We chatted for a couple hours over coffee. I learned all about the company.

Montgomery Wood creations is a business that is run by Brandon and his wife Tiffany. They run the whole company out of their home in Webster. Brandon has the workshop in the garage and the CNC machine is in the basement. They specialize in custom wood furniture and home decor; farm tables, benches, end tables, console tables, wood signs, and holiday decor. Be sure to check out their Facebook page and stalk every inch of it!!

The business started humbly. Tiffany wanted a new dining room table. They went to look at a few different stores and were unhappy with the quality of what they were finding. So having the do-it-yourself mentality Brandon decided to make Tiffany the table himself. They were both so happy with the results Brandon decided to start selling tables on Craigslist. Once he started getting busy, just from doing it off Craigslist, Tiffany hopped in and made a Facebook page and together the made the business official in 2016.

Montgomery Wood CreationsMontgomery Wood Creations

Outside of the business, Brandon is a teacher in Henrietta and Tiffany is a realtor. They also have two daughters, Aubrey is 10 and Maci is 4. Since starting the business, Brandon no longer works outside of the home during the summer. They are able to run the business at home and spend more time with each other and the girls.

The Montgomery’s really impressed me with the way that they flawlessly work together. Brandon is the guy behind the builds and Tiffany is the girl who makes the schedule, books clients, posts to social media, helps Brandon with the paint and poly, all while running the CNC machine. They balance each other perfectly.

When Brandon told me all of this, I had to know his secret. How can this family manage?! He summarized that Tiffany is the one who keeps them all in check. She makes sure that Brandon takes breaks when deep in a project to make time for the girls. Whether it is going putt putt golfing, spending time at the family cottage, or just taking a swim in the pool the biggest thing Brandon stressed was the kids. And of course, taking his wife on dates.

Montgomery Wood CreationsMontgomery Wood CreationsMontgomery Wood CreationsMontgomery Wood Creations

One of my favorite things Brandon talked about was how important it is for him to make set times for work during the week and plan activities for the weekend. Being a creative entrepreneur is hard. Which is why I always try to talk to fellow entrepreneurs about this topic. Figuring out the balance as Brandon said, “Isn’t always perfect.”

As for the future of Montgomery Wood creations. Brandon stressed that he is keeping his work load the same as it is now. With school starting he is only doing a couple projects a week. Being overwhelmed and missing out on that family time just isn’t worth it. However, the builds are becoming more complex and even more custom. Things like adjustable shelving, cabinet locks, glass inserts, drawers, sliding barn doors credenzas. Seriously, check out their page.

After I got to know a little bit more about this family, I was super excited to photograph them. They are such a kind, warm family. You can tell that they put a lot of heart into raising their family and building their business.

Montgomery Wood CreationsMontgomery Wood CreationsMontgomery Wood CreationsA couple weeks after meeting Brandon we received our custom table! We absolutely LOVE it! Working with the Montgomery’s was fantastic. Not only did we get an awesome table that we will enjoy for years to come, but meeting the family behind the table was so cool. If you are looking for custom wood furniture contact them for pricing on their Facebook page

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Mendon Ponds Family Photography

Mendon Ponds Family Photography has been my favorite since moving here. I love this location so much! Every time I drive over there I see at least 20 deer just grazing in the fields. This might sound silly, but moving from Chicago it still seems so magical for me to see wildlife like that here. I’ve really fallen in love with the spot just behind the nature center near bird song trail, so for this mini session we headed that way.

Mendon Ponds Family PhotographyMendon Ponds Family Photography

Mendon Ponds Family PhotographyMendon Ponds Family Photography

Mendon Ponds Family PhotographyMendon Ponds Family PhotographyMendon Ponds Family Photography

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Rochester NY Child Photographer Rochester NY Child Photographer

Sweet little Norah is turning 1! Mama decided to celebrate by booking a session with a Rochester NY child photographer named Dani O’Neal! That’s right me. 🙂 Not surprising since it’s my page right?! Anyway little miss was super adorable during her session. She might have actually been the most relaxed 1 year old I have ever met. Rochester NY Child PhotographerMama requested simple and sweet so that is just what we did. Now that I am in my studio space I am able to create adorable scenes like this at the drop of a hat.
Rochester NY Child PhotographerMy family and I were checking out Fairport, NY the day before the session and I came across this perfect washbasin at The Cozy Cottage. It is seriously the most adorable antique store I have ever step foot into. I’m sure I will be picking up more props up from there in the future. Rochester NY Child PhotographerRochester NY Child PhotographerIf you want to book a milestone session with my hop on over here for all the info!

Today was a cool day! Today I got an email from Expertise saying that I have been selected as one of the Best Family Photographers in Chicago for 2017! How cool is that?! Anyway, thought I should share over here how incredibly lucky I feel to have served the Chicagoland area. I miss all my clients and hope to return for a visit (and maybe some sessions) soon. Moving forward, I’m so excited to be able to share my talent with the Rochester area now.


Best Family Photographers in Chicago


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It’s been busy over here in the O’Neal home. Still getting settled, finding dentists, and making friends. There are about a million things to do when you move and purchase a home. Once you have kids there are about a million more things on top of that. Own a business, add one million more things just for fun. Overall, since moving, I’ve had to juggle about three million things all at once to try and get into a groove in our new home. In our spare time, we have been exploring as much as possible in our new community. One of our favorite places we have found so far is Letchworth State Park. It is known as the Grand Canyon of the East and it truly is incredible to see. As my birthday approached we found out about Red, White, & Blue Balloon Festival at the park. So I was super excited to capture some Letchworth State Park photographs.Letchworth State Park Photographs

We woke up at 4:30am. Quietly as possible, got dressed and packed our things. We were attempting to be completely ready to drive away before waking the kids up to go. Letchworth is about a hour from our house. We were hoping that the kids might just fall back asleep on our drive out there, but of course since they are toddlers they did what we didn’t expect at all and woke up in great moods. Ready for adventure! Fred and I joke often, and lovingly, about how we torture our toddlers through way to many road trips. Apparently, it all had paid off this morning when the kids were thrilled to be dragged out of bed to sit in the car.

The entire ride there we were nervous about what was going to happen. The night before they decided not to launch the balloons due to poor weather conditions. As we were driving down the highway with very little visibility and a lot of fog we seriously were wondering if this trip would be worth it.

Lucky for us, we arrived at precisely the right time. They were just starting to unload the balloons from the trailers and we were able to watch the entire process from start to takeoff. Jack and Tommy were seriously amazed by the process the entire time. It is definitely a different kind of special to be able to experience something completely new and amazing with your children. We were all equally in awe of how magnificent and huge these things were. While watching with excitement as 30 hot air balloons were inflated before our eyes, I snapped a few photographs of the kids. Then as if my birthday couldn’t get any better, Fred did an amazing job of capturing a few of me with the boys. In the words of Jack, “Today is a very nice day!”

Letchworth State Park PhotographsLetchworth State Park Photographs

Letchworth State Park Photographs
Letchworth State Park PhotographsLetchworth State Park PhotographsLetchworth State Park PhotographsLetchworth State Park PhotographsLetchworth State Park PhotographsLetchworth State Park PhotographsLetchworth State Park PhotographsLetchworth State Park PhotographsLetchworth State Park Photographs

This is just a glimpse into our life. Trust me, most days are not this epic. However, this day was special and I’m so happy that I get to remember this day forever with photos. Have a special day coming up you want to remember with your family? Click here to learn how to book a session with me! 🙂